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Sometimes It’s Easy to Know When to Explore New 401(k) Plan Providers…

High or Hidden 401(k) Costs.

Poor Service.

Burdensome to Administer.

But Sometimes It’s Not So Easy.

Not Sure Whether You Should Be Switching Provider?

Just Give Your Current 401(k) Plan the “2 Landmines” Test By Asking These Two Simple Questions:

Are Their 401(k) Plan Administrative Costs Tied to Plan Assets?

(The Ever-Growing Blob Prob!)
If costs for plan administration are built into the investment options’ internal expenses, administrative costs WILL get huge over time as assets grow. In other words, your per-head plan administrative costs WILL become unreasonable leading to plan participant complaints and a breach of fiduciary duty at best – or litigation at worst.

A "YES" means “Boom!”

As a 401(k) Plan Provider, Do They Act Specifically as an ERISA Section 3(38) Fiduciary?

(Whose Head Is on the Chopping Block?)
If a plan provider is NOT acting as a 3(38) fiduciary – the only one of the three types of fiduciaries defined by ERISA that accepts the delegation of fiduciary liability from the plan sponsor – then they are NOT legally responsible for their own recommendations. You are.

A "NO" means “Boom!”


Do You Have Unlimited No-Cost Brokerage-Window Accounts Available to All Your Plan Participants?

Many orthodontists are experienced investors who appreciate the ability to invest in individual stocks, bonds, and ETF’s – not to mention that plan participants electing to invest via our no-cost Schwab brokerage-window 401(k) accounts have even lower asset-based costs.

How About We Give Your Current 401(k) Plan a Checkup to Find the Answers?

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Individually Customized and Lower Cost than a “Pooled” 401(k) Plan.

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Low-Cost and “Unlimited” Investment Options. (If Employer-Approved.)

Dedicated AAO CARE Team Support.

AAO Member Discounts and Exclusive Endorsement.